Our customers: The focus of our actions

Customer focus is a core value in our corporate culture. It is firmly anchored in the Tchibo DNA and has been put into action daily in our family-owned business for over 60 years. We don’t just want to satisfy our customers – we want to inspire them anew each day. To do this, we offer them customer-oriented service management, contin­u­ously develop our offers and services, and commu­nicate openly and honestly.

Our customers’ concerns, questions and wishes are our top priority. “Find it only at Tchibo” is the principle they should see confirmed anew each day. To do this, every­thing at Tchibo is inter­linked: we see customer focus as an integrative process from product management, purchasing and logistics to expert advice, compre­hensive customer support, and compre­hensive warranty and repair services. Tchibo customers should always be able to count on getting the best quality at a fair price, along with excellent service.

The Tchibo service and quality promise

Our Tchibo service and quality promise has guaranteed our customers high quality and top-of-the-line service for many years. It consists of six criteria that determine the actions of all employees:

  • Uniqueness: all Tchibo products are designed especially for our customers according to strict quality standards we determine ourselves.
  • Safety: every Tchibo product is tested and examined for safety and/or harmful substances by at least one independent testing institute.
  • Respon­si­bility: we demand and promote environ­men­tally and socially respon­sible production condi­tions in the manufacture of Tchibo products all over the world. A sustainable approach across the entire supply and value chain is an important element in securing Tchibo’s future.
  • Durability: we provide a three-year guarantee on all technical products* and every single zipper. If a guaranteed product has a defect it will be repaired or replaced within 14 days. If this is not possible, the customer is refunded the purchase price.**
  • Fast service: our customers’ concerns and wishes are our priority. Tchibo Customer Service is available 24/7 by telephone, email or letter.
  • Goodwill: our customers enjoy unlimited right of return within four weeks** and can have their purchase price refunded at any Tchibo shop.

* Applies to all products labelled with the three-year warranty logo.
** Upon presen­tation of proof of purchase.

New permanent range for changing customer needs

We work contin­u­ously on improving all customer-related processes in the company. The result is a constant stream of new offers such as the “Tchibo Lieblingsstücke” (Tchibo Favourites) permanent range, which we intro­duced in the online shop in 2014. While Tchibo customers are happy to be surprised in Tchibo shops, online shoppers are usually looking for something specific: around 80 percent of Internet purchases are planned. With the “Tchibo Lieblingsstücke” range we offer around 380 of the most popular products from our range all year in our online shop. With this offer, we also focus on new target groups and further expand our online expertise.

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