Our claim: Top-of-the-line service

We are there for our customers and available for them 24/7 if they have any questions, complaints, or need advice. We process their requests in a quick, unbureau­cratic and reliable way. We system­at­i­cally evaluate complaints and criticism, as they give us important pointers about where we need to become even better. Regular customer surveys also help us in this. This is the only way we can meet our customers' expec­ta­tions, keep inspiring them, and come up with innova­tions.

Our employees act based on the Tchibo service and quality promise, which sets out criteria such as safety, speed and respon­si­bility. Customers can contact our Customer Service and Technical Service Centre by phone, email or letter 24/7. Unusual customer concerns are handled on specialist expert hotlines manned by specially trained profes­sionals.

Fast responses, expert advice and fair solutions

Three external technical service centres super­vised by Tchibo handle all product complaints. To safeguard compliance with our high service standards, all processes in the technical service centres are regularly reviewed by internal and external audits, and improved if necessary.

Our aspiration in dealing with customer complaints is to provide fast processing and fair solutions. We have developed a detailed guideline that sets out rules for a friendly treatment and competent consul­tation of customers, as well as for resolving situa­tions on a goodwill basis. All infor­mation is forwarded to a constantly updated database, which we evaluate monthly. The management regularly checks on our complaints management’s measures and results, so that these can be taken into account when devel­oping new concepts.

One important factor in customer satis­faction is friendly inter­action with our staff. All customer requests are welcomed and handled with a consistent under­standing of service – regardless of which team member handles their inquiry or on what channel they contact us. In 2013, we did a compre­hensive inventory of our direct customer commu­ni­ca­tions, and then initiated various measures to improve them further. Among other things, we revised the commu­ni­cation guide­lines for our Customer Service and carried out specific training of service centre agents and the employees of our service providers.

More conve­nient online shopping thanks to new service concepts

We are constantly devel­oping our services for customers, and respond to changes in their purchasing behaviour early on, closely monitoring and examining social trends.

For instance, quick and easy switching between various sales channels has become routine for many customers: they start by obtaining infor­mation online, and later buy the items in a Tchibo shop or super­market concession – or conversely, try on clothes in a Tchibo shop and later buy them online. Since 2013, we have offered our customers a conve­nient shopping experience with our Cross Channel Service that links the various sales channels: if a product is sold out at a Tchibo shop, it can be ordered from the online shop then and there, and delivered either to the Tchibo shop or to the customer’s home. Items ordered online that do not fit or that the customer does not like can be returned to any Tchibo shop. Customers use the various Cross Channel Service options in any way they want.

In 2014, we also made online shopping more conve­nient for our customers with new service offers. The online payment system PayPal is now available as an additional payment option, and online customers can have their orders sent to any of the more than 2,500 parcel stations operated by the parcel service DHL. Another new feature is the option to have purchases shipped to a delivery address in any EU country. If an item is no longer available online, our customers can use the online “Store Avail­ability Check” intro­duced in 2014 to conve­niently check online which Tchibo shops still have the desired item.