Making sustainable consumption more attractive and easier

On the path to becoming a 100% sustainable business, we want to make it easier for customers to practice sustainable consumption. To this end, we are system­at­i­cally expanding our range of sustainable products, and strive for honest, easily under­standable sustain­ability commu­ni­ca­tions.

Our customers expect Tchibo to deliver excellent product quality at all times. In our under­standing, product quality isn’t limited to product traits such as safety and longevity, but also includes the social and environ­mental condi­tions of production. That is why we are constantly working to offer our customers more and more sustainable products.

Progress on expanding our sustainable ranges

In the medium term, we want to exclu­sively offer coffees that come from sustainable sources. In 2014, we were able to increase the share of green coffee that is certified or validated to around 35%. In consumer goods, we have gradually increased the proportion of sustainable raw materials used in our products. In 2014 we were the world's third largest supplier of organic cotton. At the same time we are working with our producers on compliance with social and environ­mental standards in the manufacture of our products, as well as on improving these standards.

By expanding our sustainable range, we are fulfilling a wish shared by many customers. This is shown among other things by the customer survey we carried out in 2014 using our Tchibo Experts survey tool. It found that more and more Tchibo customers want sustainable products: 65% of respon­dents said that sustainable production was important for them. Overall, the number of respon­dents who buy sustainable products in at least some categories has increased. The proportion of those who regard sustain­ability as a quality criterion has also grown (Sustainable products & resources).

Under­standable infor­mation facil­i­tates informed purchasing decisions

Our customers’ purchasing decisions influence the pace at which we can put sustain­ability measures into practice – because when demand for sustainable products increases, the culti­vation of sustainable raw materials will also increase and their avail­ability will improve. Therefore, we support our customers in the conscious selection of products by labelling sustainable ranges, presenting infor­mation in a consumer-friendly way, and providing easy access to it. In 2014, we gave the labelling of our sustainable product a complete overhaul to make it easier for our customers to choose sustainable products.

Alliance for Consumer Education/Awareness

We have set ourselves the goal of building young people’s awareness of sustainable consumption at an early stage. At the beginning of 2013 we joined the Feder­ation of German Consumer Organ­i­sa­tions (Bündnis für Verbraucher­bildung). It this alliance, repre­sen­ta­tives from NGOs, science and academe, business associ­a­tions, the public sector, politi­cians, the education author­ities, government depart­ments and individuals work to improve the decision-making and consumer skills of children and teens. The Alliance currently sponsors exemplary school projects to build consumer awareness. We firmly believe that early awareness building is an important lever for perma­nently mainstreaming sustainable consumption in our society.

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