Responding to climate change – energy-efficient processes and partnerships for change

Climate change is an increas­ingly serious challenge for our core business. On the one hand, we are responding to it with more efficient processes and clear targets within our company – from logistics and the operation of our sites and Tchibo shops to the mobility of our employees. And on the other, we work to promote climate-friendly business conduct in our value chains and support coffee and cotton farmers in adapting to changing weather condi­tions.


A major portion of our CO2 emissions arises from the transport and storage of our products, so it is particularly ...

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Tchibo sites & shops

Whether for coffee roasting, heating administrative buildings or lighting Tchibo shops, we consume energy ...

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We maintain close personal contact with our business partners, suppliers, customers and colleagues. So although ...

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Value Chains

In addition to our own processes, we also deal with climate change in the upstream value chain, because our ...

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