Commitment without borders

The alignment of our business activ­ities to economic, environ­mental and social principles is not limited to Germany. On the way towards a 100% sustainable business, in 2009 we began to gradually involve our inter­na­tional business units in our sustain­ability management. They contribute signif­i­cantly to making our business activ­ities sustainable worldwide.

Tchibo is repre­sented by sales companies in Switzerland and Austria as well as in Eastern Europe: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Turkey. In addition, we run one purchasing office each in Hong Kong and Bangladesh, which assist us in procuring consumer goods and imple­menting our activ­ities in the value chain (Consumer Goods/Strategy & Control).

Closely inter­linked: global and national sustain­ability efforts

At our inter­na­tional sites, we pursue the same sustain­ability goals that apply to Tchibo in Germany. In particular, this includes the long-term conversion of our product ranges to sustainable qualities in our Coffee and Consumer Goods lines of business. The supply chain management necessary for this is centrally defined for the whole company. Ensuring environ­mental and social standards in the manufacture of our products and other global processes is also a centrally managed task. The inter­na­tional business units define comple­mentary individual targets in their national Corporate Respon­si­bility programmes – here the focus is on site-related measures, for example in the field of environ­mental protection, employee motivation, and customer commu­ni­ca­tions.

The sustain­ability programmes are updated annually and approved by Tchibo headquarters and the national general managers.

Valuable trading of experi­ences in the in-house network of experts

At each inter­na­tional business unit, an appointed CR manager coordi­nates the regional activ­ities with the local management, while also working closely with the Hamburg headquarters. The measures in the respective national programmes differ in the scope and depth of their imple­men­tation, as they reflect the level of awareness in the respective country– both at the business units as well as on the customer side.

In order to support the individual companies, Tchibo has initiated a compre­hensive network for the CR managers at the various business units. Twice a year, they come to the Hamburg headquarters to compare content and strategies and share their experi­ences under the lead management of the Corporate Respon­si­bility (CR) department. The last meeting was held in February 2015. The CR managers use this exchange between partners to learn from each other and contin­ually expand their knowledge.

Promoting social devel­opment in the regions

Our inter­na­tional business units not only practice an exchange amongst each other, but also partic­ipate in the public discourse on sustain­ability in their respective countries. In particular, they work with non-govern­mental and multi-stake­holder initia­tives to develop sustainable solutions to economic, social or environ­mental issues across various indus­tries.

Simul­ta­ne­ously, the inter­na­tional business units help to build public awareness for respon­sible consumption. They system­at­i­cally inform people about our sustainable ranges in promo­tional materials and at the point of sale (POS), and trans­par­ently commu­nicate our commitment through their own company websites and social media platforms.

At a glance: our inter­na­tional sales companies

The graph below gives an overview of the sales markets we’ve already integrated into our sustain­ability management:

International subsidiaries
of Tchibo GmbH

*Sales markets included in the sustainability management