Successful implementation of Corporate Responsibility (CR) programmes

In 2014, the inter­na­tional business units again success­fully contributed to the achievement of our company-wide sustain­ability targets, and put measures from their own national Corporate Respon­si­bility programmes into practice.

In their national Corporate Respon­si­bility programmes, our inter­na­tional business units mainly focus on regional issues, with an emphasis on the Tchibo action areas Customers & Products, Environ­mental Protection in our Opera­tions, and Employees.

Customers & Products: external and internal sustain­ability commu­ni­cation

Sustain­ability commu­ni­cation are an important element in explaining the benefits of sustainably produced products to our customers in all sales regions. In addition to materials developed in Germany, all inter­na­tional business units use their own innovative formats that are adapted to their respective national customer and stake­holder require­ments.

Examples include the social media campaign on sustain­ability labels of our business unit in Poland as well as the animated film “Mr Coffee Bean in the land of Coffee” that was used by several countries in 2014. It commu­ni­cates how people and the environment benefit from sustainable coffee culti­vation in an enter­taining way. In 2015, the film “Mr Coffee Bean in the Forest”, which explains the benefits of sustainable forest management, will also be synchro­nised and dissem­i­nated through social media channels by the several business units.