Putting people first

Even in 1949, Tchibo founder Max Herz believed that employees are a company’s most important resource. This conviction charac­terises the family-owned business Tchibo to this day and forms the basis of a corporate culture marked by openness and dialogue. For this reason we have codified values such as trust, relia­bility and honest dealings with each other in the Tchibo DNA.

Well-qualified, passionate and achievement-oriented employees are the foundation for our long-term success. As a respon­sible employer, we therefore put people first. We offer our employees a perfor­mance-oriented, stimu­lating working environment, attractive devel­opment oppor­tu­nities, and help them achieve a good work-life balance. In the face of demographic change, we regard it as a strategic task to recruit new talented profes­sionals by getting them excited about Tchibo.

Changing world of work: new require­ments - multiple perspec­tives

The world of work is under­going a dynamic trans­for­mation. In addition to existing know-how, new skills are contin­u­ously required, especially in a globally networked retail company like Tchibo. Accord­ingly, we place high demands on our employees. They have to think on their feet, take the initiative and assume respon­si­bility. Only in this way can we meet our commitment to keep inspiring our customers anew for Tchibo every day in future.

With our unique business model and combi­nation of brand and retail we offer our employees a diverse work environment and exciting prospects. We value an open exchange of ideas on an equal footing, acknowledge perfor­mance and promote careers on the basis of quali­fi­ca­tions. At the same time we help our staff achieve a healthy work-life balance. Depending on their stage of life, we offer them flexible offers and solutions. This is part of the reason that Tchibo is today considered one of Germany’s most family-friendly companies.

Corporate culture and values

At Tchibo we foster and desire an honest exchange within the company – especially across different hierar­chical levels – to create a culture of trust in which individual potential can develop. We offer our employees oppor­tu­nities to become actively involved in Tchibo’s devel­opment. We system­at­i­cally promote colle­giality, relia­bility and innova­tiveness so that everyone works together to bring the best ideas to customers (Corporate Culture & Values).

Talent management

Well-qualified employees and talented young people play a crucial role in our company’s long-term success. We therefore practice systematic talent management. Managers at Tchibo have a respon­si­bility to identify specific career paths for their staff and promote their devel­opment. At the same time, we encourage them to help shape their own career paths at Tchibo according to their own interests, capabil­ities and needs (Talent Management).

Occupa­tional Health Management

Good health and mental resilience are important prereq­ui­sites for withstanding the increasing demands of the modern, concen­trated working world. These aspects are becoming increas­ingly important, because in addition to existing require­ments the average age of our employees continues to rise as a result of demographic change. The central concern of occupa­tional health management at Tchibo is therefore to maintain and promote the physical and mental health of our employees in the long term (Occupa­tional Health Management).

Work and life

We consider the needs of our employees and provide increasing support in a variety of situa­tions. It is important to us that our employees can achieve a healthy work-life balance. We therefore offer them flexible rules regarding working hours and working from home, childcare facil­ities and family care support, re-integration after parental leave and dealing with the changing role of fathers (Work and Life).

Remuner­ation, Employee Benefits and Tchibo Extras

Tchibo places high demands on its employees. In return, we offer them appro­priate recog­nition and attractive, fair, perfor­mance-based compen­sation and a variety of voluntary corporate employee benefits. Our ‘Tchibo Extras’ for employees and their families are part of our company culture. They include preventive healthcare measures, help in achieving a healthy work-life balance as well as pension, social insurance and fringe benefits (Remuner­ation, Employee Benefits and Tchibo Extras).