Corporate culture as a success factor

We want employees who contin­ually take the initiative and assume respon­si­bility. In return we offer them an appre­ciative corporate culture in which we jointly learn from our mistakes and reward initiative.

At Tchibo we foster a culture of open and constructive commu­ni­cation and team spirit, promote personal dialogue and create oppor­tu­nities for partic­i­pation across all hierar­chical levels. We thereby enable our employees to fully support the success of our brand.

Value-oriented action anchored in the Tchibo DNA

“Passionate employees sustain the company” it is stated in our Tchibo DNA. Published in 2011, the Tchibo DNA describes the success factors for the Tchibo brand. Our corporate culture plays an important role. Open and honest treatment of each other is just as important to us as collab­o­ration charac­terised by clear rules of conduct, guided by high values.
The Tchibo DNA is comple­mented by our Code of Conduct, which defines the values and mandatory behaviour for the company as a whole and for each individual employee. It formu­lates our under­standing of fairness and ethical business conduct as well as our aspiration to comply with laws and data protection rules, and take respon­si­bility for people and the environment. This also includes a culture of diversity where discrim­i­nation has no place. Regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orien­tation, religious beliefs, physical consti­tution, or any other personal charac­ter­istics, at Tchibo all employees have the same oppor­tu­nities, because each and every one contributes to the success of the company with their individ­u­ality. All employees receive regular training about the Code of Conduct from the time they start their job. And of course our measures fulfil the require­ments of the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG), also known as the Anti-Discrim­i­nation Act.

Dialogue on an equal footing

Tchibo’s corporate culture as a Hamburg-based family-owned business has tradi­tionally been charac­terised by open dialogue between equal partners. Although we now operate globally, we want to retain this strength, which is why we delib­er­ately promote exchange across all divisions, depart­ments and hierar­chical levels of the company. Wherever possible, we involve employees in the company's devel­opment. It is becoming more and more important that commu­ni­cation takes place not only top-down, i.e. from super­visors to their staff, but as a network between colleagues with equal rights. That is why we support the dialogue with modern commu­ni­cation tools on the Tchibo intranet. For example, the ‘Abgeschaut bei’ (Roughly: Here’s how they do it) section on the intranet shows what works well in the depart­ments and how other units can learn from it. At our Hamburg roasting plant and at the logistics centres in Gallin and Neumarkt, where employees have no or only limited access to the intranet, we promote exchange in workshops and at regular roundtable discus­sions. In addition, all employees in Neumarkt receive a weekly newsletter.