Facilitating peak performance: Tchibo health management

Our staff fulfil high demands every day. A health-promoting work environment is an important requirement for having the necessary energy to do so. That is why many years ago, we began giving a great deal of attention to the physical and mental health of the workforce.

We are convinced that taking some respon­si­bility for maintaining the health of our employees is of key impor­tance for our company's success. For this reason, we rely on a company and target group-oriented occupa­tional health management system. This is anchored via a steering committee at the senior management and executive level. All opera­tional processes and struc­tures and all of the company’s divisions are included in it to create the necessary framework condi­tions for a health promoting working day and enable a sensible priori­ti­sation of measures. We want the working environment to have a positive effect on our employees’ health, and that they can be actively committed to their health. In doing so, we go far beyond ‘tradi­tional’ health matters.

Inter­dis­ci­plinary working groups develop special offers

We have progres­sively inter­linked all of our occupa­tional health management measures in recent years. Today our employees can access a variety of preventive and supportive offers from the fields ‘mental health’, ‘medical advice’, ‘diet’, ‘exercise and ‘OSH’. This applies to all employees - from office and field sales staff, to Tchibo shop staff and indus­trial colleagues at the production and warehouse sites.

We are contin­ually devel­oping our offer to meet the changing needs of our employees. In 2013 various topics were defined for this purpose: ‘Tchibo Shops and Tchibo Prozente, ‘Field Sales Depot’, ‘City Nord HQ’, ‘Logistics and Production’, ‘People with Disabil­ities’ and ‘Culture and Marketing’. For each of these areas, specific measures are developed in inter­dis­ci­plinary working groups or existing measures are inter­linked. Staff from the respective areas of work are involved in the teams. In this way we reinforce our employees’ personal respon­si­bility for their own health. The project teams also develop commu­ni­cation activ­ities to publicise our healthcare offering in the company. Success­fully so: our 2014 employee survey confirmed that awareness of Tchibo’s health management has increased thanks to the work of the focus groups. The staff also indicated that the new offers better suit their needs.

Our occupa­tional health management offers in 2014 (a selection)

Medical Advice

  • Preventive checkups, travel and flu vacci­na­tions
  • Health Days at company headquarters, logistics and production

Group fitness programmes

  • Sports Week and Health Days
  • Running events (MOPO relay race)


  • Training films on the intranet
  • Ergonomic aids in the workplace
  • Ergonomic office chairs (Office) and car seats /automatic trans­mission (Cars) for field sales


  • Diverse, freshly prepared food at all locations
  • Climate dish and Veggieday
  • Dietary advice

Mental health

  • ‘Healthy Leadership’ management seminars
  • 'PME Familienservice’, life coaching
  • Consul­tation by the company doctor

Spotlight on ergonomics
In 2014, our focus groups carried out individual workplace stress analyses in logistics and production and imple­mented various measures. Employees received ergonomic training and instruction for the correct way to carry and bend down. Instead of heavy pallets to supply Tchibo shops, we now use smaller units that can be trans­ported on trolleys. Every Tchibo employee can also compile suitable offers for their specific needs from a compre­hensive resource catalogue – from a frame with wheels for trans­porting goods to specific rehabil­i­tation equipment. In 2014 we especially focused on the health of our Tchibo shop staff as a new topic.

In 2015, all issues relating to work-life balance and health are summarised under the new heading of ‘Balance’ in order to better exploit synergies. In addition to the ‘Balance’ project, a Balance team was set up for the first time in HR. The team addresses all topics for all Tchibo staff in Germany – from occupa­tional health and safety to disability and integration management to health management and a healthy work-life balance. In 2015 and beyond, the decen­tralised locations will be the focus of the ‘Balance’ project. Focus topics in 2015 include a proactive company (re)integration management as well as a psycho­logical risk assessment.

Promoting mental health

Another topic of the focus groups is ‘psycho­logical stress’. In 2014, we hosted workshops for our execu­tives demon­strating the impor­tance of an appre­ciative leadership style for the mental health of employees. We also integrated seminars for management (‘Healthy Leadership’) and employees (‘Remaining Stable in Transition’) in the Tchibo CAMPUS. In 2014 we also offered lectures and seminars on the subject at the Tchibo Business School. The 'PME Familienservice’ also offers all employees a free 24/7 hotline and life coaching for coping with personal or job challenges from profes­sionally trained staff.

Health Day and Sports Week at Tchibo

From healthy back coaching to office yoga - on Health Days at headquarters and our logistics locations in Gallin and Neumarkt, we once again offered our employees oppor­tu­nities to convince themselves of the diversity of Tchibo’s fitness offerings in hands-on exercises this year. The theory behind it was also taught in short keynotes and workshops on topics such as ‘back-friendly working techniques’ or ‘healthy eating for shift work’. At the first Health Day at the City Nord HQ we followed the example of the Health Days already very success­fully imple­mented at the decen­tralised locations. The event was very well received, so we are also preparing a Health Day for staff at headquarters in 2015.

As part of Health Week 2014, our employees were also able to get to know health-promoting sports, from Nordic walking to Tai Chi and stand-up paddling.