Work-Life Balance

At Tchibo, we support our employees in recon­ciling their personal and profes­sional goals because we know the value of family and a fulfilling personal life. For example, we have explicitly anchored a healthy work-life balance as an aspiration in our DNA for years.

Our offers range from flexible working hours and a concept for staying in touch with employees on parental leave, to care services for children and counselling on the subject of care for other depen­dents. We have system­at­i­cally geared them to the individual needs and the require­ments of our employees at different stages of their lives and consider the entire spectrum of possible life plans. Given the rising average age of our workforce, we will address the specific needs of the 50+ gener­ation even more in future. With these offerings we aim to increase Tchibo’s attrac­tiveness as an employer and strengthen employee loyalty – important prereq­ui­sites in readying Tchibo for the challenges of demographic change.
Certified family friend­liness

In August 2010, Tchibo became the first retail company in Germany to be certified as a ‘family-conscious employer’ by berufund­familie GmbH – an initiative by the Hertie Foundation. In 2013 we were re-certified through 2016. This entails further binding target agree­ments whose achievement is reviewed annually by an independent auditor. The following focuses were specified

  • Working hours, organ­i­sation and place
  • Leadership skills and personnel devel­opment
  • Services for families
  • Infor­mation and commu­ni­cation

Main area of ​​focusResults
Working hours, organ­i­sation and placePerfor­mance beats presence culture
In designing its work processes, Tchibo relies on the individual respon­si­bility of its employees. A continuous presence in the workplace is less important to us than an employee’s actual perfor­mance. That is why, besides staff employed on the basis of collective wage agree­ments, execu­tives can also work part-time. In addition, many employees can do some of their work from home. Infor­mation on the ‘home office’ and the company agreement to this effect are available to every employee on the Tchibo intranet. Tchibo also has job-sharing models. Anyone who wants a sabbatical can apply for one.

Leadership skills and personnel devel­opment


Supportive management wanted
In 2014, we added a section on ‘flexible working’ to our management manual and expanded the range of seminars accord­ingly. As part of the ‘Healthy Leadership’ programme offered by our Leadership School, from 2015 we offer various seminars for the profes­sional management of flexible forms of working. We also system­at­i­cally support our execu­tives in the respon­sible handling of expectant mothers and fathers.
Services for families

Systematic support for a healthy work-life balance
We contin­u­ously adapt our offers for families to the needs of our employees. For example, in 2014 we inten­sified our cooper­ation with pme Familienservice GmbH, which offers individual advice for parents and carers as well as helping them to find holiday and emergency care programmes. Since 2014, we also offer a Tchibo CAMPUS workshop on ‘How to succeed at career and family’, which already generated a positive response in its first run-through.


Easier return to work after parental leave
To help employees on parental leave – there were 138 such employees in 2014 –stay in touch with the company and re-enter the workplace, we have success­fully used our ‘connection concept’ for over two years: During their parental leave, we invite our employees to the company every four months, to personally inform them about current issues. The Tchibo intranet is also available to them during their absence. A colleague acting as a ‘mentor’ also ensures they receive a regular flow of infor­mation, invites them to corporate events and forwards in-house job listings to them.


Support for childcare
We help parents wanting to return to work find a day-care place for their children. At the childcare centres we work with near the Hamburg headquarters, a total of 43 day-care spaces are available to them since the expansion of our day-care programme in 2014. Since 2010 we have also cooperated with ‘Kidz Playground’, a profes­sional provider of children's holiday camps, to look after the children of employees in Hamburg during the school holidays. The offer is to be extended to other German states.


Caring for relatives
Our enhanced cooper­ation with pme Familienservice GmbH since 2014 also includes consul­tation on the subject of caring for family members and the mediation of related services. In the first half of 2015, we gave various presen­ta­tions at the Head Office and other sites, where employees could learn about the medical backgrounds to dementia and Alzheimer and get practical tips for everyday life with a sufferer, as well as bereavement counselling. In the brochure ‘Heraus­forderung Pflege’ ‘The Challenge of Providing Care’, we offer our employees useful infor­mation on topics such as laws governing care, and nursing and living wills. Under the law, employees caring for a close relative can reduce their working hours down to a minimum of 15 hours per week for a maximum period of two years. Furthermore, we support requests for leave from employees who wish to devote themselves to care tasks.

Infor­mation and commu­ni­cationIncreasing the visibility of our offers
Another focus in connection with the “berufund­familie” audit is to step up our infor­mation and commu­ni­cation. In 2014, we presented the pme Familienservice GmbH offers to employees in a flyer that was distributed to all sites. We provide extensive coverage of the topic of work and life on the intranet. To ensure that we can also inform our colleagues at the Tchibo shops and in production, we develop special formats for the workforce outside the Hamburg headquarters, in which we also involve the district manager and the works council. ‘Career & personal life’, for example, is often on the agenda at meetings for field sales staff and at partial company meetings.

Being a father and manager

Under the heading: ‘Väter vor!’ (Fathers ahead) on 14 April 2015 Tchibo invited Volker Baisch, founder of the fathers network ‘Väter e.V.’ to a dialogue event. Partic­i­pants had the chance to reflect on their role as fathers and managers, to discover the similar­ities and differ­ences, and recognise the respective qualities. It was also discussed what leadership skills are wanted so that men can balance work and family better in future.

In November 2015 we will offer another workshop for fathers. The focus will be on time management solutions that help fathers maintain a balance between their work, family and personal needs.

Education award for Tchibo collab­o­rative day nursery

The quality of care for our employees’ children is important to us, so we were all the more pleased that our partners, Kita City Nord, won the €10,000 Hamburg Education Award in 2014. The award sponsored by the Hamburger Abend­blatt and Hamburger Sparkasse is presented to honour innovative educa­tional projects in schools and day-care centres. Kita City Nord was founded in 2006 and has 100 places for companies based in the City Nord district. Tchibo employees currently have 33 places available at this facility for children aged between 8 weeks and when they start school.