Performance-based compensation - attractive fringe benefits

Our employees largely determine the success of the company. For this they not only receive our recog­nition, but also attractive, fair and perfor­mance-based remuner­ation. In addition, we offer a wide range of voluntary corporate employee benefits.

Our compen­sation structure is based on the principles of market orien­tation, fairness, trans­parency and trace­ability. In this spirit, we regularly adapt it to the latest devel­op­ments. For example, since 2013 we only pay the target bonus as a percentage of basic salary, for an updated, simplified remuner­ation. We also schedule the salary reviews for immedi­ately after the appraisals to link perfor­mance and pay more. In addition to bonuses and premiums, which we value outstanding perfor­mance with, Tchibo granted special allowances such as Christmas and holiday pay up to a certain salary level, which were also paid in 2014, including voluntary, not collec­tively agreed shares.

Collective agree­ments with trade unions

In the remuner­ation of staff at our Tchibo shops, we take our cue from collective agree­ments for the retail trade. In July 2014 we signed a collective agreement with the ‘Nahrung Genuss Gaststätten’ (NGG) union under the umbrella of the German Hotel and Restaurant Associ­ation (Dehoga), which runs until the end of May 2016 and stipu­lates a lowest negotiated wage of 8.51 euros from December 1, 2014.

Tchibo Extras: Special recog­nition for special achieve­ments

We see voluntary employee benefits as an integral part of a good corporate culture. They serve as recog­nition for our employees’ excep­tional dedication and perfor­mance. In our view, initia­tives for preventive healthcare and achieving a healthy work-life balance are just as much a part of this as post-employment benefits, social insurance and fringe benefits, in which we also include pension schemes and employee discounts.

Workplace health promotion is one focus of the leisure centre at our headquarters, where for a fee of just €2 a month, employees can practice 30 sports and use the indoor swimming pool and a weight room. Employees living outside of Hamburg often have the oppor­tunity to use gyms at special rates thanks to works council agree­ments. We also offer our employees discounts on Tchibo products and have agreed group accident insurance cover for them that provides 24-hour coverage and therefore also extends to their personal life outside of work.

Social insurance beyond active employment

For us employer respon­si­bility means safeguarding our employees beyond their active employment. For over ten years, we have offered all employees at Tchibo GmbH and German subsidiaries a company pension. We maintained this offer even after completion of the 2014 fiscal year. The capital payment amount is based on the employees’ contractual position and how long they worked for the company. All Tchibo employees also have the option of building up an additional pension pot through payments that are exempt from taxes and social security contri­bu­tions. Any pension short­falls can be covered at low cost through a company direct insurance scheme. On request, our HR department offers employees personal consul­tation for finding suitable means of pension provision.

Overview of our compre­hensive service package
  • Flexible working hours systems such as trust-based working hours, flexitime, part-time and work from home
  • Pension benefits (e.g. group accident insurance, company pension)
  • Anniversary gifts
  • Preventive healthcare, ‘Balance’ project
  • Employee discount and monthly coffee allowance
  • Subsidised public transport
  • Staff restaurant and cafeteria, coffee pantries on all floors with a range of coffee, tea, cocoa and mineral water, free to employees
  • Offers at the leisure centre
  • A company sports programme
  • Children's day-care places at the City Nord day-care centre
  • Children's events
  • Seniors programme
  • Christmas roast
  • Christmas and Easter gifts
  • Organ­i­sation of selected festivals and celebra­tions