Coffee value chain
In the coffee sector, it is essential to work in partnership with the coffee farmers on the ground. Our Tchibo Joint Forces!® quali­fi­cation programme encourages the positive economic devel­opment of small­holder opera­tions, putting them in a position to make their own contri­bu­tions to imple­menting social and environ­mental standards. We system­at­i­cally select suitable producers and monitor their sustainable devel­opment step by step in a multi-year process. This modular process starts with training to increase the yield and quality of the coffee to improve the farms’ profitability. In many cases it culmi­nates in certi­fi­cation by a recog­nised standards organ­i­sation. We have success­fully qualified more than 30,000 coffee farmers through Tchibo Joint Forces!®, and are steadily increasing our share of validated or certified sustainable coffee: in 2014 the share of raw coffee that met the criteria of the Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade, UTZ Certified and certified organic or 4C baseline standards accounted for around 35% of our total raw coffee (Coffee value chain).