Sustainable devel­opment of the coffee sector

In future, alongside its approach of quali­fying selected small­holders in the supply chain through Tchibo Joint Forces!®, Tchibo will focus on the ‘Mainstreaming Sustainable Coffee Production’ multi-stake­holder initiative. With this systemic approach, Tchibo aims to accel­erate sustainable devel­opment of the coffee sector at regional level. Supply chain-specific programmes such as Tchibo Joint Forces!® directly support selected coffee farmers. Achieving an impact beyond the individual coffee farms requires concerted efforts at a higher level. The coffee sector can only be sustainable in the long term if the struc­tural framework condi­tions change. That is why we want to tackle systemic problems that affect the entire coffee sector with the ‘Mainstreaming Sustainable Coffee Production’ initiative. All stake­holders in the sector are called upon to take part, for systemic change can only be achieved if all stake­holders jointly assume respon­si­bility and contribute to the trans­for­mation of the coffee sector in their respective roles.

Regional imple­men­tation of global approaches

The initiative concen­trates on systemic solutions to region-specific challenges in the three areas of ‘secure liveli­hoods for coffee farmers’, ‘more environ­mental protection’ and ‘profitability’. Tchibo aims to leverage synergies with ‘Mainstreaming Sustainable Coffee Production’ by building on existing local initia­tives, instru­ments and approaches, linking them and further devel­oping them. For instance, we especially want to break down global approaches, such as the Global Coffee Platform (GCP) Vision 2030, by regional require­ments, and implement them in a region-specific way.

The focus will initially be on the following activ­ities:

  • Cooperate with local stake­holders to define prior­ities in the coffee supply chain
  • Work with local stake­holders to identify systemic reasons and insti­tu­tional barriers that are preventing more sustain­ability in the coffee sector
  • Work with local protag­o­nists to develop local strategies (or fine-tune existing ones) for tackling systemic problems
  • Devel­oping joint strategies for imple­men­tation, in which the various protag­o­nists take on specific roles and respon­si­bil­ities
  • Conduct effec­tiveness measure­ments and report trans­par­ently on them so as to share insights and best-practice examples.

Joining forces will give everyone involved a better chance to make themselves heard. By work with govern­ments and civil society, the partners involved in the ‘Mainstreaming Sustainable Coffee Production’ initiative have the oppor­tunity to promote sustain­ability while also pooling resources to achieve maximum impact.

Tchibo launched the initiative in 2016 together with the Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung. The first partner­ships will be prepared and signed in 2017, and the approach will be intro­duced to national and inter­na­tional stake­holders in at least one pilot region.