Firmly anchored: respon­si­bil­ities, key objec­tives and topic management

Sustain­ability management is integrated into all depart­ments and anchored at all levels in our company. Its overall coordi­nation and management is in the hands of the Corporate Respon­si­bility direc­torate, which was created in 2006. The Corporate Respon­si­bility Director reports directly to the Chairman of the Board and, together with his employees, supports the depart­ments in imple­menting and further devel­oping their sustain­ability goals. The Corporate Respon­si­bility direc­torate also coordi­nates higher-level and department-specific stake­holder management. The company's Data Protection Centre is also organ­i­sa­tionally linked to it, giving it direct and unrestricted access to the Management Board.

Keeping in mind the overall strategic goal of ‘Tchibo on the way towards becoming a 100% sustainable business’, the depart­ments develop guide­lines for necessary processes of ecological and social trans­for­mation. To achieve these key objec­tives, each department formu­lates sub-goals and develops measures for their imple­men­tation. Integrated into the company-wide target system, the depart­ments’ key objec­tives and sub-goals and their fulfilment also affect the fixed and variable compo­nents remuner­ation of employees across all hierar­chical levels.

Each year, the Corporate Respon­si­bility direc­torate checks the extent to which the depart­ments’ sub-goals have been achieved, and reports the results once to the Chairman of the Management Board (CEO) - after consul­tation with the depart­ments. If necessary, the targets for the following business year are adjusted, and new targets are adopted.

By contin­u­ously collecting and evalu­ating key perfor­mance indicators in our sustain­ability management system, we can manage sustain­ability across all depart­ments.