Social commitment: shoul­dering respon­si­bility for society, together

As a family-owned company and an active member of society, we feel it is a matter of course to take respon­si­bility beyond the bound­aries of our own business activ­ities. This includes supporting non-profit organ­i­sa­tions and our employees’ volunteer efforts, as well as looking for oppor­tu­nities within our business activ­ities to make a positive contri­bution to societal devel­opment.

For the integration of displaced persons

As a globally operating company, we are partic­u­larly concerned with making anactive contri­bution to refugee aid and helping to integrate and employ displaced persons. Since 2015, we have been involved in a three-stage action plan for displaced persons in Germany, Austria and Turkey: we make it possible for our employees to volunteer locally through a corporate volun­teering programme, provide intern­ships and appren­tice­ships, and send appro­priate in-kind donations to relief organ­i­sa­tions. In mid-2016, we joined the 'Wir zusammen' (We Together – Integration Initia­tives by German Business) platform, which is committed to integrating displaced persons into society and business.

Corporate Volun­teering

Employees from our company get involved personally and locally: on our pilot ‘Corporate Volun­teering Day’ in January 2016, 24 Tchibo employees sorted clothes at a Hamburg reception centre for displaced persons. Due to the positive feedback from this voluntary social activity, we developed a long-term corporate volun­teering programme. We cooperate with the refugee reception centre as well as a school, as the integration of displaced children is partic­u­larly important to us. Tchibo employees can support the school by volun­teering to accompany the children on day trips, help in the daily routine, and assist with breakfast duty, or serve as mentors.

As part of the corporate volun­teering programme the Refugee Aid project team teamed up with ‘f & w fördern und wohnen AöR’ and the ‘Gute Tat’ foundation to organise a children party in March and two children’s parties in August 2016 at Sportallee at the beginning of August.

In March 2017, another Corporate Volun­teering Day was held, during which Tchibo employees spent a day at the refugee facility on Sportallee, with the active partic­i­pation of our CEO. Another children party was organised in September 2017.

Employment of displaced persons

Finding employment and starting to work quickly is partic­u­larly important for the integration of displaced persons into society, and we were able to provide eight displaced persons with(commercial) intern­ships in 2016. In the meantime, we were able to hire one of them in a regular employment relationship due to good language skills and expertise. One intern of our staff restaurant partic­i­pated in the ‘prepa­ration for vocational training for migrants’.

Needs-driven donations for displaced persons

In 2015, we donated urgently needed products like toys, bedding, winter clothes and suitcases with a retail value of around two million euros. The donations were made to accredited charities in Germany, Austria and Turkey via the German and the Austrian Red Cross and the Turkish aid organ­i­sation Kizilay (Turkish Red Crescent). We continue to make in-kind donations as needed. In 2016, the value of the goods we donated amounted to about 336,000 euros. Receipts from the sale of tickets during the Tchibo Summer Festival 2016 went to our partners, am Schleemer Park school and the Sportallee refugee-receiving facility.

Support from customers, employees and cooper­a­tions

With the ‘Tchibo Weihnachtswunder’ Christmas fundraising campaign launched in cooper­ation with the Bundesverband Tafel e.V. charity, we made Christmas a little more joyful for 250,000 people in need in 2016, with 100,000 Tchibo gift packages as well as a campaign in which our customers enabled additional gift packages, and our Wish-Tree campaign, in which employees could register as sponsors for children in need and make their wishes come true.