Corporate culture: Appre­ci­ation and open, honest inter­action

We foster a corporate culture in which we promote dialogue and create oppor­tu­nities for partic­i­pation. An open and honest treatment of each other is just as important to us as inter­per­sonal relation­ships that are charac­terised by clear rules of conduct and guided by high values. This company culture is an essential precon­dition for maintaining and further devel­oping Tchibo as a strong brand. It is firmly anchored as a binding success factor in the Tchibo DNA, published in 2011. The DNA is comple­mented by the Tchibo Code of Conduct which defines our company’s key values and specifies guide­lines for the workaday routine. They include promoting diversity and providing equal oppor­tu­nities for all employees. Each employee contributes to the company’s success with their individ­u­ality.

We do not tolerate discrim­i­nation based on age, sex, background, sexual orien­tation, religious belief, physical consti­tution or other personal charac­ter­istics. We regularly give all employees training regarding the Tchibo Code of Conduct. These measures are of course carried out in accor­dance with the German General Equal Treatment Act (AGG).

Exchange between equals

We foster an exchange of views across all divisions and hierar­chical levels and involve employees in the company’s devel­opment wherever possible. This builds confi­dence and motivation. To do so, we use modern commu­ni­cation tools and organise events that promote personal exchange. At our Hamburg roasting plant, and the logistics centres in Gallin and Neumarkt, where employees have only limited access to the Hamburg headquarters intranet, we promote dialogue in workshops and at regular roundtable discus­sions. In addition, we keep Tchibo Neumarkt employees informed with a weekly newsletter. Since 2013, we have regularly invited all employees to the Hamburg head office for the ‘Tchibo in dialogue’ event series. Town Hall meetings provide all employees with insights into the latest devel­op­ments in their own as well as depart­ments. Cross-depart­mental knowledge transfer is also encouraged through the ‘Abgeschaut bei’ (roughly: How others do it) section on the Tchibo intranet. As a result, we want to strengthen the culture of ‘learning from one another’ and better use both positive as well as negative experi­ences for the company.

At the Hamburg headquarters, we were also able to promote the exchange of employees amongst each other in in 2017 by means of the spatial recon­fig­u­ration as part of ‘ONE Tchibo Culture’ initiated by our CEO Thomas Linemayer. To keep employees informed about news/new devel­op­ments and the company’s perfor­mance as well as all relevant topics, a new format was developed at the beginning of 2017: the CEO Letter. It is published monthly on the Tchibo intranet, to ensure that every employee is well informed, regardless of where they work. We also set up a ‘Speed Meeting Zone’, a ‘Brand Zone’ and a ‘Creative Zone’, and equipped the corridors with white­boards.

Sought-after and supported: Creativity and inven­tiveness

We value and encourage our employees’ ingenuity and inven­tiveness. In 2016, we replaced our successful ‘Kolibri’ ideas management system with the modernised online platform GOOD IDEA! In the spirit of crowd­sourcing, we use this community-based ideas management system both to evaluate existing measures and to run ideas campaigns on specific topics. We offer rewards for the best Tchibo ideas.

Firmly estab­lished: Co-deter­mi­nation at work

We want employees who get actively involved and help to shape the company. The laws mandating co-deter­mi­nation on the works council and Super­visory Board gives employees the oppor­tunity to influence business decisions. In accor­dance with the provi­sions of the Works Consti­tution Act (BetrVG), the works council consists of 35 members and five members on the youth and trainee council. The Super­visory Board has an equal number of repre­sen­ta­tives for employees and share­holders. The two bodies work together closely. At the company meetings, which take place regularly at the Hamburg headquarters and other locations, colleagues are informed about the work of the works council, the devel­opment of the business, the results of the employee survey as well as selected topics such as health management, and the Group’s offers to help employees achieve a healthy work-life balance. Tchibo employees have the oppor­tunity to submit urgent and important questions to the works council and Tchibo management, which are then answered at the meetings.