Recruiting talents and keeping them inspired long-term

Well-qualified and dedicated employees play a crucial role in our company’s long-term success. We want to retain experi­enced employees long-term, and get motivated next-gener­ation profes­sionals excited about our company. This requires flexible talent management that meets the current challenges of the labour market, makes career oppor­tu­nities trans­parent, and opens up inter­dis­ci­plinary paths. We succeeded in doing this in 2016 with the imple­men­tation of the ‘Talent Navigator’. Consol­i­dating our job descrip­tions into simple, cross-depart­mental role profiles reveals career paths and devel­opment oppor­tu­nities, and offers better orien­tation for employees and managers. At the same time, Human Resources employees benefit from an optimised basis for staff devel­opment and a fair remuner­ation system. This trans­parent talent management tool earned us the 'HR Excel­lence Award' in the ‘Compen­sation & Benefits [large companies]’ category in 2016. The Human Resources Excel­lence Awards (HREA) honour outstanding achieve­ments in leading-edge human resource management. This year marked the fifth time that Human Resources Manager magazine and Quadriga honoured the most innovative HR management strategies. Tchibo emerged as the winner, and was recog­nised for the intro­duction of the Talent Navigator to replace the old HAY system. "We are very pleased with this award. This is a great confir­mation of our work, "says Jochen Eckhold, Director Human Resources.

In employer rankings such as companize or Trendence in various sectors (e.g. fashion and retail), we once again did well in 2016, ranking among the top ten as in previous years.

To recruit new talent for our company, our University Marketing team not only talks to potential recruits at job fairs and other hiring events, but also gives them a way to gain first-hand insight into the Tchibo world of work. During the 6th Hamburg Company Tour, we once again invited 70 students into the company for two days. We meet the growing require­ments arising from the dynamic market environment with customer-focused, future-oriented solutions, to which junior staff repeatedly make contri­bu­tions. For this reason, in 2016 we piloted the Young Talent Challenge. It was open to the company’s 120 young talents – appren­tices, students, trainees, managers and partic­i­pants of the ‘My cross-company career’ programme. The 20 appli­cants chosen then had the oppor­tunity to complete a three-month programme that was integrated into the Tchibo workaday routine.

Promoting the next gener­ation: Finding the specialists and execu­tives of tomorrow

We offer prospective young profes­sionals who wish to begin their careers at Tchibo various ways to enter the company: from intern­ships and appren­tice­ships to dual-degree and trainee programmes. We start as early as middle school, having partic­i­pated in the annual Girls’ and Boys’ Day since 2000. In 2016, we once again welcomed 45 pupils in grades 5–10 at the Hamburg headquarters, where they were able to ‘shadow’ Tchibo employees at work for a day.

Tchibo is an important company in the vocational training community. We not only offer a wide range of appren­tice­ships - mainly in commercial and technical profes­sions, but also place a priority on a well-founded profes­sional quali­fi­cation. In 2016, the Schwerin Chamber of Industry and Commerce singled out our Gallin logistics centre as a ‘Top Training Company’ for the fifth time.

A whole new approach to winning promising talent for Tchibo was launched in spring 2016 in cooper­ation with Beiersdorf AG: the joint 'My cross-company career' programme. From more than 700 appli­cants, the ten best young talents with some work experience in sales and marketing are given the chance to get to know two companies in the retail and Fast Moving Consumer Goods sectors. Over a period of 18 to 24 months, they pass through various depart­ments at the two companies, supported by mentoring, individual coaching, and training. The aim of the programme is to prepare and motivate young employees to take over a project management or other management role in sales and marketing at Tchibo or Beiersdorf.

We also offer devel­opment oppor­tu­nities in the Depots (super­market conces­sions) and Sales depart­ments, through a management training programme specif­i­cally for recent graduates with a business degree focusing on retail and sales as well as some sales experience. Our goal is to train the partic­i­pants, who are supported by mentoring, seminars and feedback discus­sions, to become sales all-rounders within 24 months, and then hiring them for a management role in the sales force or back office.

Tchibo CAMPUS: Learning new skills, profes­sional corporate training, personal devel­opment

Our working world is under­going a constant trans­for­mation, and the require­ments and jobs at our company change along with it. The profes­sional and personal devel­opment of our employees and managers is therefore very important to us, and contributes decisively to our compet­i­tiveness. Our Tchibo CAMPUS offers many devel­opment oppor­tu­nities: it is our central platform for learning, inspi­ration and personal devel­opment. Here, we offer our employees many ideas and oppor­tu­nities for personal and profes­sional devel­opment – from training in method­ology, foreign languages, and computers, to project management and inter­cul­tural commu­ni­ca­tions. In 2016, we conducted a Campus survey among execu­tives and employees on “How do you learn best?” It confirmed that the Campus content and formats corre­sponded to their wishes. We were able to incor­porate further sugges­tions in putting together the Campus Programme for 2017.

Overall, management devel­opment is a focus of our efforts. We have developed modules for a consistent under­standing of leadership, for reflecting on one’s role, and for learning the tools of management. We also offer our execu­tives individual coaching on team devel­opment. We promote our next-gener­ation managers with the six-month ‘Learn to Lead’ programme, which helps them build up personal networks and expand their skillset.

Our ‘Tchibo presents itself’ onboarding event, which takes place twice a year, has been relaunched and expanded to include inter­active, practical elements. In two days, the partic­i­pants complete six stations: History, Logistics & Supply Chain, Marketing & Brand, Non Food, Online, and Tchibo Shops & Tchibo Shop Management.

We have opened a new Campus Lab that helps us to think across disci­plines, share knowledge, and gain a deeper under­standing of customers. We enable our employees to quickly solve acute problems – in this room and with the assis­tance of a coach – by using contem­porary tools of thinking and action.

In 2015, we added a section on the profes­sional management of flexible forms of work to our Leadership Manual, to prepare our execu­tives for the challenges of an increas­ingly dynamic work environment. In 2016, we expanded it to include a section on ‘Healthy Management’; the idea is to avoid work overload situa­tions, as well as under- and over-utili­sation of staff, and to ensure a healthy working atmosphere through candidness and honesty. Also in 2016, the ‘Safe Management’ programme was added to the Management Manual, as Tchibo execu­tives are also respon­sible for having enough trained evacu­ation officers and first responders on hand to ensure a safe working environment and the health of their employees.

Cooper­ation with Beiersdorf AG: Learning together

Learning from others, obtaining new input and perspec­tives – since 2015, we have opened up these aspects for our employees through a cooper­ation with Beiersdorf in the form of a joint learning platform that both companies hope will promote devel­opment and learning across company bound­aries. As part of this programme, Beiersdorf offers all Tchibo employees the oppor­tunity to partic­ipate in the free ‘Treff­punkt Weiter­bildung’ vocational training programme, whose topics range from commu­ni­cation and working methods to health and work includes commu­ni­cation, working method­ology, health and work, language and computer classes, and much more. Beyond this, in 2016 we partic­i­pated in the ‘Seiten­wechsel’ (Switching Sides) project, as did Beiersdorf. This allows execu­tives to literally ‘switch sides’ for a week, by working at a social insti­tution rather than the office, and thus experience new dimen­sions in personal devel­opment as well as dealing with matters of tolerance and conflict.

Perfor­mance reviews: Systematic staff devel­opment

Giving employees trans­parent feedback about their perfor­mance, pointing out their prospects at the company, and providing systematic support in their profes­sional devel­opment – we see all of these as key aspects of staff devel­opment. We create a framework for this and offer oppor­tu­nities for regular dialogue with feedback, target-achievement, and target-setting­meetings with the management. Our effective talent management is based on TRACKS, our central process for assessing perfor­mance and potential. Along with this digital platform for talent management, Tchibo invested in integrated talent management software for the targeted promotion of our employees (myTrack), and rolled it out to large parts of the company in 2016. myTrack not only steers employees through the process, but also sends reminders for all upcoming tasks, and gives insight into all relevant data at all times.

TRACKS enables us to differ­en­tiate perfor­mance more clearly and support our talents even more system­at­i­cally. We actively involve employees in the appraisal process by encour­aging them to submit a self-assessment and learn to reflect on their role and achieve­ments in the run-up to the appraisal interview. In 2016, more than half of the employees actively partic­i­pated in TRACKS by doing so.